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+ Generic sword 3, hp 1080/ lp 550.


+ Hukari, hp 890 / lp 350.


+ Knife, hp 580 / lp 350.


+ Bearded axe, hp 585 / lp 350.
+ Crude hukari, hp 175 / no lp.
+ Nordic dagger, hp 458 / lp 250.
+ Scrap metal sword, hp 650 / lp 450.
+ Yatagan, hp 600 / lp 320.


+ 445 poly cane knife.
+ 295 poly Viking single edge sword.


+ 626 poly Dussack, no separate low poly version as its pretty lowpoly to begin with.
+ 452 poly Sword of Hephaestion, same deal as above with the lp version.


+ 650 poly 2 hand vesuri.


+ 690 poly Rhomphaia.


Revisited/redid my old round axe, 1 texture & 1 uvmap instead of a bazillion separate ones.
455 polies.


+ 576 poly Ancient knife.
No separate lowpoly version available, model couldnt be cut without damaging it.


+ 535 poly Mongo-konda executioners sword.
+ 800 poly maquahuitl.
+ 557 poly khopesh
I would probably have done something more in the past few months if it werent for a number of real life issues and me still attempting to learn texturing which after some 12 years of trying seems to be just something i should simply consider an impossibility and leave it at that.
just f*cking pisses me off.
so many cool things i'd want to make and would be perfectly able to model wise but im stuck in the goddamn single plane.
even long round shaft shaped things are out of the question because of the horrid stretching they would cause.
only positive bit about that is that you wont see me trying to pass a gigantic penis as a weapon model anytime soon.


+ 615 poly kukri with a shitty excuse of a texture.


+ 600 poly sabre machete.


After a longish hiatus I decided that I should try and see if I can still model shit, the result was:
-Spiked axe, 388 poly, no lp version.
+460 poly machete 2.


Made a couple of a beefsplitter cleavers, also known as two handed cleavers.


Made a weapon that perhaps best called a "pendulum".
+ Another falchion, filename "falchion 2".


Made a billhook.


Finished up two bats (of the hitting kind), one with nails and one without.


Made 3 different leuku knives, short, normal and a long one.
I was unable to do decent low poly version of them so those arent included once again. 800, 800 and 900 polys from top to bottom.


Created a cavalry saber.


Realized that the cutlass had an f'd up blade, done fixed that.
Its still goddamn ugly though.
+Made 3 cleavers, all under the file name of "cleavers".


A new seax and a falchion.
Both are missing untripled versions as they wouldnt export right for a change and no separate lowpolys either as they are already just that, 580 and 550 p's.
+Another sword (tip: look for the filename "another sword").
+Cutlass, not that great.


Made another vesuri.


Mid- and late period (?) nodachis uploaded.
-Also missing separate lowpolys due them not being needed.
+ A sawed-off voulge, also no lp version available as its just 600 anyway.
+ Something I call a "Mangler".
+ Vesuri


Early nodachi staff-sword uploaded.
-Separate lowpoly version not included as the "highpoly" version itself is just 570 polys.


Made a cudgel, a dog cudgel... or thats what its called.
+A Pudao (or podao, whichever).
+Great lakes nativan american mace.


Made something really quick, simple and ugly.
A Tepoztopill, its an aztec spear with obsidian lining on the tip.n


Something new for sfc2 & op: the einherjer class refit is now up.
Converted by atheorhaven as usual!


Made a cricket bat.
Yeah, its a melee weapon of a sort.


Theres now this strange looking hockeystick of death that goes by the name of moro panabas, yeah its a weapon.
+ Time for some improvised weaponry, theres now something I call a "basehuitl" out there. -If the name sounds a bit confusing as of wtf is this, google maquahuitl and then take a look at that thing again.


Uploaded something I call the scofield axe.
this one is also missing the untripled versions because i still havent figured out why and how I keep getting artifacts in the models when trying to export those.
Also kinda managed to screw up the polycount on this one too;
lp 1000 hp 2000 :(


Did some heavy polychopping on the morningstar and double head axe I recently made and uploaded extra lowpoly versions of both in a single file, both are 800 polies each.
+A hooksword, also missing untripled versions because for some reason I couldnt get those exported without screwing up the textures.


A double headed axe done, its missing the untripled versions of it since I kinda forgot to save those while making it and figured its just not worth it to redo the whole damn thing....
+A buddhist dagger and its scabbard.
+A Tomahawk.


Another sword out and a scabbard to go with it.
-Named it "strange sword 2" because the original photo didnt come with any sort of description.
+A staff. Yeah, a wooden stick.
+A morning star.


Made a "stick sword", whatever that is.
Separate HP and LP versions not included because its a pretty damn simple sword anyway.


Made a jungle machete, go check it out!


SFC 2 version of Einherjer class v.2 out now.
Thanks atheorhaven!

Also uploaded another weapon, calling it generic sword 2 because im not quite sure what sort of a sword its supposed to be along with a scabbard for it.
+ A celtic axe.


Released a new bladed weapon, a mighty strange looking "swordcane" along with a scabbard for it... you know where to look for it!


To whom it may concern; the sfc2 port of Shaker class had a texture anomaly on it and it has now been fixed.
I reuploaded the ship so you may want to redownload!


Released for SFC 2 & OP
-Karu class
-Pride class V.2
-Shaker class
-Klingon Sur'Kia class
-Trooper and Behemoth classes V.2
-Twister class
Thanks for the conversions, as usual, goes to Atheorhaven!


New bash time, Charger class.
Can be found in both lwo and 3ds, like everything here on in.


Heres something weird and quite possibly downright ugly;
Misfit class and its variants, check lwos, yet again.

-Rereleased all my new bashes in 3ds and added a new category for them, moved the 3ds file pack for my older bashes into the said category as well.


Made a new bash again, supposed to be sort of an experimental warpdrive & deflector prototype ship, calling it the Silicon Valley class... check lwos.


-Sortavala class
-Pitkaranta class
-Klingon Sur'kia class.

I know that with the first two im kind of reinventing the wheel but a little more variety wouldnt hurt would it?
The klingon isnt all that great either but I havent really made too many klingon bashes in the past so I had to start from somewhere.
*(and as usual, all lwos).


Rebashed Trooper and Behemoth classes, released them in lwo as a combination package which means theyre both in a single file.

Also changed the amount of files displayed per page in the downloads, they were getting somewhat heavy to load.


Theres now a Minow class... police ship? -lwo kitbashes dir as usual.


New kitbash time! Karu class "commando carrier" uploaded to LWO's.
I think im going to make a few variants of this one somewhere down the line seeing as how easy it would be just to replace the bays with... just about anything!


Einherjer class refit uploaded, in the lwo's again.


Rebashed the einherjer class, its still as ugly as ever and a fairly retarded design to boot with but i like it nevertheless.


Rebashed one of my oldest ships, theres now a Pride class .v2 in lwo's.
-Added GAFYs old ship retextures.


An entirely new kitbash is now up, check out the LWO kitbashes directory for Shaker class!

-There is now a new download category for files that dont quite fit anywhere else.
That being said, I uploaded .3ds versions of several ships currently only available in .lwo format, remember to read the readme when it comes to those, though.
Also uploaded a .mod import/export plugin for 3dsmax, I believe its for 3.x version of the program but the plugin should work for more recent versions as well?
-I dont really know, dont use max my self.

Another new kitbash up in LWO dir, Twister class.


A new iberian falcata sword can now be found under 'weapons multiformat'.
-Same goes for a simple bearded axe of some sorts.
-And an equally simple viking axe.
+A scimitar.
+A medieval knife.


Made a new generic looking sword, can be found under the 'weapons multiformat' category in downloads.
Also made and uploaded a rather strange looking, quite possibly austronesian in origin, sword/machete that can also be found in the weapons multiformat category.


Uploaded a "new-ish" fed ship kitbash I made at some point earlier this year but managed to displace it until now.
Anywho, ist there now. Karelia class and yeah its still in LWO format.
I do believe that theres a BC version of it out there already, though.


Theres a link to bridge commander downloads now and some more information regarding those.
Also added a small gallery of various avatar ja pixel art works.


Added Turunmaa class for SFC2&OP and SFC3.


Added another picture gallery, mostly regarding gaming, modding and ship related pictures (such as size comparisons).


Added ships ready for SFC2&OP, SFC3 and a couple more originals in LWO.


Added a few original trek ships in LWO format.


Added trek kitbashes in LWO format and some ships ready for SFC1.


Added content, downloads. "Site" open.

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